Protect what you own or collect. Whether its a family heir loom or you are a collector who has inherited property, protecting and insuring your items can be a confusing task–where even the most basic of questions and concerns become daunting.

Zend security is a specialist in securing valuables that simply should not be kept at home.

From honorary medals to sentimental photographs and high value items, Zend security offers short and long term secure storage solutions to suit the full spectrum of client requirements.

We surely have you covered.

Zend security provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for collectors who have made, or are willing to make the prudent decision to store their collection in our safe deposit box in our state of the art accredited private vault facility.

in partnership with AXA ART, the only art and collectibles insurance specialist in the world, with unrivaled knowledge and expertise in the use, display and storage of high-value collectibles. AXA Art Americas Corporation products in the U.S. are underwritten by AXA Insurance Company

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