Safety is the obvious reason for entrusting us with these items but underlying it is a less tangible benefit: peace of mind.
At a time when domestic burglaries are becoming increasingly commonplace and the threat of violence is all too real, a safe deposit box offers an answer to the risks – and avoids the need to pay soaring insurance premiums.
DUFFY MOORE Founder & CEO Zend Security Co.Ltd.,



A safe deposit box is an individually stored container held within a high secure safe or vault which is only accessible to the key holder.
A safe deposit box is used to store valuable possessions that an individual may not wish to store at home or at their place of work.
The renter agrees to pay an annual fee for using the box, which can only be opened by combining the use of an assigned key, a personal identification number (PIN) and biometric security.
If you are concerned about the security of your valuables at home or in the workplace, you should consider renting a safe deposit box.
According to Scottish Crime & Justice Survey 2013 – Property crime accounts for 71% of crime with housebreaking on the rise.
The installation of home security provides only limited protection, since owners can be forced to open safes under threat of physical violence. In addition, your home contents insurance costs should be reduced by the use of a safe deposit box.
You will be issued with two identical keys at the time of rental. If you lose one or both keys, you should inform Zend security immediately. You will then need to make an appointment with us, to ensure you are present when a locksmith drills open your box. You will be responsible for the cost of the locksmith and the subsequent repairs that are required.
Replacement Lock – engineer required: £250. If you lose your access card, a new card will be issued at a replacement charge of $35 including VAT. Access to your box will not be granted without the appropriate access card.





Data Storage

Back up discs


Birth certificates

Precious metals e.g. gold, silver etc.


Property deeds

Rare coins / stamp collections

Military medals


Important keys

Home inventory list/video

Marriage certificate

Wedding video

Income tax returns

Family photographs

Share certificates

Insurance contracts

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